Well-being in the workplace has evolved to much more than a standard term. Here’s where the 2nd ExpertsTalk by ImpacTalk, “Well-being in the workplace: Trend or core element of corporate culture?” fits in, ready to go beyond buzzwords and change how organisations think and act regarding their employee experience.

Our special guests, Myrto Legaki, MBA, Certified Mindfulness Instructor, Mindful Leadership & Corporate Wellbeing Consultant, Olga Stamathioudaki, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director of Qualco Group, and Antonis Fragakis, Yoga Instructor & Tai Chi, break down why investing in employees’ well-being is not just a trend but an absolute necessity.

Ms. Legaki highlights that organisations have finally identified that supporting their employees can only be beneficial. “An organisation is a system composed of a certain amount of people; if these people aren’t in a good place both physically and mentally, the entire system will be deeply affected.”, she explicitly mentions.

At the same time, Ms. Legaki indicates that in the future, if organisations don’t act with their people’s well-being in mind, they won’t be able to attract a top-tier workforce, while highlighting that applying well-being initiatives in the workplace skyrockets employee engagement.

“For us at Qualco Group, our employees’ well-being has been our top priority since our organisation’s establishment.”, our very own Ms. Stamathioudaki points out.

Finally, Mr. Fragakis narrates his career path and the radical change that practically transformed how he now thinks and acts across all aspects of his life.

Tune in to the whole discussion.