With the human value defining its corporate identity, Qualco Group, since its establishment, has been committed to providing a unique professional experience to its people, where work-life balance alongside well-being plays a key role.

Nurturing a stable workplace that promotes diversity, development, as well as personal and professional growth lies at the heart of Qualco Group’s culture. Aligned with international breakthroughs and recognising that healthy, happy and balanced people can skyrocket their performance and act to their full potential, Qualco Group consistently invests in its employees through applying a wide range of best practices with wellness being at the forefront.

In this context, Qualco Group proudly presents the Well Played podcast series, coming to redefine the way we perceive work in relation to our well-being. The podcasts will be available on the official Qualco Group channel on Spotify, Google & Apple Podcasts platforms while coming as a refreshing break, giving the audience useful and unconventional tips.

The Art of Listening” episode raises the curtain on May 16, with Nancy Mallerou, Life Coach and Founder of Life Clinic Group, giving a different perspective on our ability to listen that extends to a soft skill, especially useful within the work environment. Nancy Mallerou will advise us on how to become more “active listeners”, but also how to communicate with confidence and empathy, in view of optimising our collaborations.

Then, the “Tribute to burnout” episode picks up the torch with Myrto Legaki, Founder of the One Breath Mindfulness Center, sharing the “mindfulness” method along with smart tools for effective stress management.

The third episode “Empowerment in the office” will complete the puzzle of this creative wellness guide, emphasising the value of physical exercise, not only as a way of empowerment but also as the ultimate boost of our mood. The episode will feature Elli Flegga, Former CEO of Holmes Place in Greece, who will share her experience and insights.

Here at Qualco Group, ensuring the well-being of our people is an utmost priority and an integral part of a well-established culture. Providing our people with a creative work environment, infused with mutual trust, respect and equality, constitutes the backbone of our strategy.