The last few years have lured us into a new era marked by a series of distinct and multiple crises. Our new reality is defined by climate change, digital and social exclusion, natural and environmental disasters, and rising inequalities within societies. In a rapidly changing world, initiatives aimed at technological innovation as well as social and environmental resilience lay the groundwork for a new era of solidarity, dynamism, and progress.

At this critical juncture for our country and the world as a whole, Qualco Group establishes the Qualco Foundation to drive changes that lead to more resilient economies and societies, providing new opportunities for everyone. Qualco Foundation supports initiatives that harness creative ideas and cultivate a shared benefit for the good of all, under the pillars of Innovation & Technology, Education & Social Welfare, Environmental Sustainability & Growth, Culture & Sports, and Solidarity & Emergency Support, to promote human development and influence positive change within society.

Qualco Foundation aims to emphasise the dynamics of change that will contribute to the establishment of positive social values by organising a variety of academic, social, cultural, environmental, and entrepreneurial programs and initiatives. In parallel, it seeks mutually beneficial interaction and collaboration with educational and academic institutions, as well as NGOs and charities, in the fields of science, entrepreneurship, art, culture, and athleticism; Multiple institutions with one goal in common; The reinforcement of new and innovative forms of creativity and action that demonstrate how resourcefulness, combined with continuous effort both individually and collectively, can decisively contribute toward eco-friendly development. More specifically, Qualco Foundation has already launched various initiatives, ranging from its allyships with the Democritus NCSR, the Benaki and Cycladic Art Museums, to the Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door, the Senologic Hellenic Society, and the Panhellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” lying among its contribution efforts.

“Gazing upon a future, where everyone will have boundless access to education, culture, and healthcare constitutes one of the foundation’s fundamental values. A future where people will be free to dream and turn these dreams into reality, regardless of their financial state or social background”, stated Mr. Orestis Tsakalotos, Executive Chairman of Qualco Group and President of the Qualco Foundation. “Encouraging technological innovation and entrepreneurship is inextricably linked to our corporate DNA. Most importantly though, strengthening solidarity and improving the well-being and quality of life of individuals within inclusive communities, lies at the heart of the foundation’s vision.”