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We provide a diverse portfolio offering, ranging from Credit & Receivables Management and Loan Servicing solutions to Digital Technology, Real Estate Asset Management, SME funding, and Data Analytics & AI solutions and services.

Loan Servicing

We offer underwriting advisory services, transaction handling, and end-to-end loan servicing to banks, institutional funds, and alternative asset managers across the whole spectrum of non-performing asset classes. Specifically, our services cover all Non-Performing Loan (NPL) Management stages, from portfolio due diligence and strategy design to internal portfolio operations and third parties’ management.


Entrusted by prominent investors

Quant Greece is a Fitch-rated, independent domestic NPL servicer managing approx. €15 billion across all asset classes, offering coherent debt management solutions to financial constituents and institutional investors in Greece.

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Quant Cyprus is an independent debt service provider that offers end-to-end debt arrangements from underwriting to servicing.

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Non-Banking Receivables Management

Using a blend of specialist technology, analytics, and panel management services, we take accounts receivable management and accounts receivables securitisation to new levels.

Built on robust technology and servicing know-how, Qualco CRM is the leading domestic servicer of non-banking receivables in Greece.

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Panel & Asset Management

Our ExtraCollect SaaS platform is the leading solution in the UK for private or public sector organisations that manage their receivables through a panel of specialist outsourcers. ExtraCollect provides up-to-date information and business intelligence while delivering consistent and actionable insight, ensuring that clients have sufficient oversight of their panel’s activities through the delivery of daily account-level activity.

Qualco UK delivers tech-driven panel management solutions to the credit industry supporting enterprise clients to optimise recoveries through a unique combination of data & analytics, technology and practical experience.

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