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We provide a diverse portfolio offering, ranging from Credit & Receivables Management and Loan Servicing solutions to Digital Technology, Real Estate Asset Management, SME funding, and Data Analytics & AI solutions and services.

Last-mile delivery & Pick Up Point Network

Last-mile delivery services aim at facilitating the consumers to send, receive, and return parcels wherever and whenever. We connect e-shops, courier companies, consumers, and pick-up drop-off points in a single solution.

With an existing network of 600+ points throughout Greece, Clever Point is a last-mile operations company providing consumers, online shops and courier companies with alternative services.

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Delivery Management Tech

Deliverd is a complete delivery management software solution for courier companies and city logistics providers. It is designed to cover the entire lifecycle of a shipment from order to delivery, including last mile, cash management, and client invoicing functionality.

An all-in-one platform that transforms and scales your business by streamlining the entire delivery journey from pickup order to the last mile delivery. Deliverd redefines the delivery experience for your customers and your fleet.

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