How do discipline and persistence contribute to achieving your goals?

In the final episode of our Well-Played podcast series, we take tips from a professional athlete on how self-discipline helps us get things done.

This time, our special guest is Antigoni Drisbioti, the European Champion in 35 and 20km race walking!

The first Greek athlete in history who achieved a double accomplishment narrates how race walking came into her life and the difficulties she faced during this journey, … bursting in like an inspiration regarding self-discipline and dedication. In parallel, she describes how athletes address financial adversities in their careers while telling her own story, “Athletes need financial support to meet their goals,” as she points out.

At the same time, Antigoni Drisbioti describes a typical training day, emphasising how she defines her purposes and stays faithful to them.

“If you have confidence in the training you’ve done, you have nothing to fear”, as she highlights.

Regarding her double achievement in Munich, Ms. Drisbioti explains her attitude and way of thinking: “In the 2nd course of 20 km, I participated to enjoy the race”.

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