Magdalini Tsiori


Gold, Women's Balance Beam
Gold, Combined Individual Junior category
Silver, Combined Individual Junior category
Gold, Combined Individual Girls category
Gold, Combined Individual Girls category


Artistic Gymnastics

Personal Information

04 March 2004, Marousi


Athanasios Salagas, Anastasia Donti

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A way to channel her energy.

Magdalini was an energetic child who started artistic gymnastics at the age of 5 as a way to play and blow off steam. Her mother’s involvement with the local sports club and her family’s passion for gymnastics helped her get into the sport.

Things got more serious at age 8 when she began her competitive career by competing at intercollegiate and national levels. Having achieved success in the challenging sport of rhythmic gymnastics, Magdalini recognised the wide-ranging benefits of sports in supporting physical and mental well-being.

Did You Know?

In 2021-22, she thought about giving up after a severe knee injury and surgery. But she persevered, started again from scratch, and now she’s more ready than ever for the 2024 Paris Olympics!


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