Leonidas Tsortanidis


16th place - Olympic Game Test event/ Pre-Olympics, Marseille
Gold – 2nd Panhellenic National Team Qualification for Olympic Classes
Gold - RS:X Athens Eurolympic Week
Bronze - RS:X European Championship
Silver - U17 World Championship


Sailing iQFOiL

Personal Information

19 March 2001, Andros


George Fragkos

I aim to be among the elite athletes at the 2024 Paris Olympics.


Blue body, purple lips!

When he was 8, he used to come out of the sea with a blue body and purple lips, shivering from the cold.

By turning 9, he achieved his first Panhellenic medal, sparking a lifelong passion for windsurfing.

For the last two years, he has been training in the new Olympic class, the iQFOil, which has two hydrofoils under the board, after being designed according to the logic of aeroplanes during the take-off and flight phase. iQFOil is the most dangerous Olympic class, which is why sailors have special protective equipment.

His entire family actively participates in sports, frequently organising family leagues in either basketball or football, allowing everyone to play together.

Did You Know?

His training involves closing his eyes while moving at tremendous speeds on his iQFOiL.


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