Dimitris Papazoglou


Silver – Men's Double Sculls World Rowing Championships, Plovdiv
Silver – Men's Double Sculls, Pan-European, Krefeld
Silver - Men's Double Sculls, International Regatta, Piediluco
Silver - Men's Double Sculls, Pan-European, Brive
Silver - Men's Double Sculls (Heat 2) World Rowing Championships, Paris



Personal Information

26 January 2005, Salamina


Alekos Peramatzis, Giovanni Postiliogne

The 2024 Paris Olympics is one of my wildest dreams.


The golden paddle.

As a child, he had a great time playing basketball and football with his friends. One day, he tried rowing by chance and quickly discovered that it suited him perfectly. Perhaps it wasn’t a coincidence, considering that his godfather is a rower, too.

His daily schedule begins early in the morning. He must be at the Salamina club by 5:30 a.m. for long training sessions. Although his peers are more experienced, he doesn’t feel jealous as he genuinely loves what he does.

Rowing is one of the most challenging sports since it requires perfectly synchronised movements. At the same time, it demands physical strength and mental focus. Specifically, rowers must make quick decisions and adjust their strategy based on race progress and weather conditions. The main challenge is that they must possess a weightlifter’s strength, a long-distance runner’s endurance, and a chess player’s precision.

Did You Know?

Legs and core strength play the most critical role in rowing. Thus, Dimitris’ training consists of weights and pilates!


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