Danae Pontifex


Panhellenic champion, IQFoil Olympic category
18th place - Olympic Game Test event/ Pre-Olympics, Marseille
2nd place U21 - IQFoil international games Lake Garda, Italy
9th place - Mediterranean Games (women's category), Algeria
Panhellenic champion, IQFOil Olympic category


Sailing iQFOil

Personal Information

19 years old, Athens


Pachos Papastefanou

The Olympic Games are every athlete’s dream, and I live for this moment.


Sailor Girl

Danae began her windsurfing journey at eight. It all started with her father’s passion for the sport, who encouraged her to try it during family vacations in Paros.

Today, what blows her mind is the feeling of the air and the sea, and the incredible adrenaline of iQFOil’s high speed. Speed makes the sport exciting, although challenging to handle. The equipment required is identical for all men and women. However, men have a sail of 9 sq.m. and women of 8 sq. m.

Did You Know?

At 16, she went for training alone, broke her shoulder after a mishandling and got out of the water without help. After that, she overcame her fears of speed and injuries.


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