Envisioning a bias-free era of solidarity, inclusion, and women’s empowerment, Qualco Group joins forces with Women on Top, an organisation that consistently supports gender equality across both the business world and education.

This joint venture aims to create a society, where women’s equal promotion in leadership, and retention, but also the establishment of equal opportunities for personal and professional growth in the workplace will have the first call. A creative synergy is just around the corner, coming to highlight gender equality both as a self-evident human right and a vital groundwork for a sustainable society.

In particular, an insightful podcast series, as part of the Women On Topic and powered by Qualco Group, comes to captivate an audience, being dumbfounded in front of a society lagging in gender equality and women’s respect matters. The episodes aim to raise awareness about gender equality maladies in the workplace alongside girls’ and women’s psychosocial empowerment, but also lead the way towards a society of equality. In parallel, women’s employment in the field of Ιnformation and Communication Technology (ICT) lies at the core of this series, a sensitive issue in today’s STEM society. Podcasts will be available on Spotify, Google & Apple Podcasts and Black Lemon platforms.

The first episode under the theme “All strong, all equal” raises the curtain, aiming to redefine psychosocial empowerment and clarify its vitality toward an equitable and more equal world. Five more episodes will complete the puzzle of women’s empowerment each month, coming to inform the audience on a crucial matter that agonises the Greek society.

Gazing to a society of equal access to education, healthcare, decent work, but also in the traditionally male-dominated field of ICT, technology and analytics, Qualco Group stays by all women’s side, contributing to the global effort of breaking all kinds of biases in the workplace.