Qualco Group offers technology solutions and tech-driven services in the Credit Tech, Digital Tech, and Property Tech sectors. “We provide market-ready software products and solutions, investing in establishing a holistic technology ecosystem that simplifies, accelerates, and rapidly increases effectiveness.”, explains Mr. John Gikopoulos, Chief Innovation Officer and Head of AI & Analytics at Qualco Group.

Fintech, as a term, describes the emerging technology that helps consumers or financial institutions deliver financial services in newer, faster ways than was traditionally available.”As an established Fintech organisation, we create the appropriate framework that allows businesses to gain high value through various flexible and digital-first solutions.”, highlights Mr. Gikopoulos.

The organisation partners with NCSR Demokritos, one of the country’s top technology research institutions. “Based on the know-how exchange between executives and researchers, our synergy with NCSR Demokritos aims for the mutual development of new technological tools that will solve specific problems of the international financial market. We hope that through such partnerships, businesses and academic institutions will accelerate the implementation of innovative technologies while encouraging the participation of young, talented scientists in the fintech ecosystem.”, indicates Mr. Gikopoulos.

Our goal is to improve our solutions offering while giving back to the economy and the society. “In this respect, we have set the following goals: Enhance extroversion emphasizing Greek talent across global markets; Increase the organisation’s resilience toward external factors through further expanding the international client base; Constantly invest in new tech solutions and participate in an ever-expanding partners’ network,” highlights Mr. Gikopoulos. “Our goals include adopting a holistic ESG strategy and capitalising on cutting-edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Robotic Process Automation, as the catalysts across our clients’ projects.”