The Annual Meeting of Delphi Economic Forum VII: New Realities, held from April 6 to April 9 and sponsored by Qualco Group, is officially a wrap, leaving a captivated audience behind while having answered the most vexing questions. Among the numerous intriguing sessions, the panel discussion “On the Future of NPL’s Portfolios and REOs Deals” that took place on April 9 managed to expand our perspectives on this crucial matter.

Yiannis Agouridis, Journalist at AVGI, led the discussion with George Mantzavinatos, CEO of QRES Real Estate Asset Management, Yiannis Ganos, General Manager of Estate Management & Investments at Alpha Bank, George Elekidis, Director in the Non-Performing Loans and Real Estate at Bain Capital, and George Kormas, Executive General Manager & Head Real Estate at Piraeus Bank, exchanging their views and experience.

“There is high liquidity across all markets, waiting to be placed. Based on the financial market map, as formed until today, we are awaiting a substantial increase in the assets supply in Greece. This supply needs at least one year to mature, coinciding with the country’s investment upgrade, leading to the penetration of large institutional investors in our market.”, as Mr. Mantzavinatos initially stated, opening his thesis.

Real estate assets constitute the only safe place when it comes to inflation. To this end, we are expecting an investment interest at both the top and retail levels.

When it comes to the war in Ukraine and the ways it affects the sector, Mr. Mantzavinatos commented that “A war in progress undeniably lays the foundations of a standby status for all investors. However, the investment interest remains as is. Thus, once we have a ceasefire, transactions will be restored in the Greek market.”

Regarding inflation, Mr. Mantzavinatos declared that “The only safe place in this respect is real estate assets. To this end, we are expecting an investment interest at both the top and retail levels.”

Tune in to watch the full panel discussion on the Future of NPL’s Portfolios and REOs Deals: