Our second women empowerment podcast hosted by Women On Topic is officially on air; The new episode focuses on the crucial issues of diversity and discrimination in the workplace.

Our very own Panoraia Karanikolopoulou-Macdonald, Chief People Officer at Qualco Group, highlights women’s biases while indicating the right approach organisations should adopt to bring us one step closer to gender equality.  

Education plays a key role in establishing a solid culture.

As a multilingual professional with an extensive working track record worldwide, Ms. Karanikolopoulou-Macdonald shares her experience tackling gender and origin bias in the workplace while focusing on the importance of new policies adoption for women empowerment.

Finally, Ms. Karanikolopoulou-Macdonald suggests various actions to empower women in the working environment.

Tune in to listen to the “How far are we from equality and inclusion in the workplace” podcast, available on Spotify, Google & Apple Podcasts platforms.