How do we define intersectionality? Where do we stand concerning the cancel culture, and how is financial literacy linked to domestic violence?
The final episode of the women empowerment podcast series sheds light on the burning issues of gender equality that concern our society.

Penelope Theodorakakou and Stella Kasdagli moderate the discussion along with Maria Stratigaki, Associate Professor in the Department of Social Policy and Director of the cross-functional Master’s Program ‘Gender, Society, Politics’ at Panteion University; Giorgos Nikolaidis, Adult Educator, Playwright, and Co-founder of the Gender Alliance Initiative; Maria Apostolaki, Lawyer before the Supreme Court/Legal Services Coordinator at Diotima – Centre for Research on Women’s Issues sharing their views while revealing what they expect from 2023 with regards to gender equality.

Ms. Stratigaki explains why domestic violence constitutes a hot gender equality topic, emphasising that we’ve been left behind in terms of awareness. Furthermore, she elaborates on the findings of the “Men’s Attitudes and Perceptions of Sexual Harassment” research, conducted by Panteion University in collaboration with Action Hellas: “Men have a completely different perception of sexual harassment of women in the workplace.” At the same time, she suggests that organisations may contribute to this awareness by adopting zero-tolerance policies on sexual harassment.

Mr. Nikolaidis explains the purpose of the Gender Alliance Initiative. Specifically, he describes what it’s like to be a male feminist in Greece nowadays while sharing his insights on the cancel culture: “It’s an emotional state without critical thinking or taking logical responsibility.” Moreover, regarding the year to come, he wishes that we all do things that fill us with joy and set us free from stereotypes.

Finally, Ms. Apostolaki expands on the challenges Greek women face depending on the geographical area while highlighting the multiple vulnerabilities of female refugees. In parallel, she defines economic violence as a form of violence against women noting that “It’s imperative to address economic violence through public policies for every woman to claim a decent standard of living.”

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