What do men really think about gender equality? The 5th episode of the women empowerment podcast series is on air featuring the men’s point of view on the hot topic of gender equality.

Pinelopi Theodorakakou, Certified Personal & Executive Coach and Co-Founder at Women On Top; Themis Christofidis, Regional Talent & Development Manager at Bayer; Dimitris Mazos, HR Manager Support Functions, BPO & I&D at ATHENIAN BREWERY S.A.; Stavros Milionis, Founder of Diversity Charter Greece & President of KEAN join this episode sharing their perspective and personal experiences about women empowerment initiatives along with the establishment of equal and inclusive workplaces.

Mr. Christofidis describes his male colleagues’ perception in this respect: “Men have to see the gender equality issue from the women’s side,” he mentions. At the same time, he suggests ways to create inclusive workplaces while emphasizing the controversial issue of positive discrimination, expressing his view regarding the recruiting and evaluation process: “Women are not a special category. Hiring criteria should be based on merit, not on gender.”

Mr. Mazos narrates several incidents of injustice against women and how he coped with these. In addition, he expresses that there is room for improvement in the Greek working ecosystem compared to those abroad in terms of eliminating gender-related biases. “Being a male ally, especially in senior positions, is a step toward women empowerment.”

Finally, Mr. Milionis describes how the Diversity Charter began and affected organisations. He highlights how difficult it is for men in Greece to be male allies. At the same time, he shares tips for men on how to stand up for women and kick sexist behaviors out. “Diversity isn’t exclusively centered around the LGBTU community; anything can make us stand out.”

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