The 4th episode of the women empowerment podcast series is hot off the press, focusing on the relationship between gender equality and the climate crisis, women’s catalyst role in sustainability, and creating a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

Stella Kasdagli, Co-founder of Women on Top; Zefi Dimadama, Lecturer at Pantheon University; Efi Koutsoureli, Co-Founder and main Shareholder of Quest Holdings; Ioanna Theodosiou, Policy Associate at Green Think Tank and George Karapanagos, Epidemiologist from Médecins Sans Frontières participate in this episode sharing research findings, opinions, and experiences on sustainable development.

Ms. Dimadama talks about the effects of natural disasters on vulnerable social groups, especially women. At the same time, she analyses the research findings conducted by Women on Top in collaboration with Panteion University regarding women’s interest and participation in environmental issues. “Women can become a driver of change in the transition to a more sustainable society model.”

Mr. Karapanagos describes how vulnerable social groups experience the climate crisis’ consequences in other countries while pointing out the importance of embracing diversity. “Much of the population is hidden. We need to hear it.”

Ms. Theodosiou defines energy communities that invest in renewable energy sources all over Greece, highlighting how women may participate. In parallel, she shows women’s low participation in Greece. “It is important to preserve inclusive processes in society.”

Finally, Ms. Koutsoureli indicates why women don’t hold responsible positions in the decision-making centers. “Women are early adaptors in the area of ​​sustainability.”

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