The third episode is officially out, focusing on the new digital era and its impact on women’s professional lives. Stella Kasdagli, Co-founder of Women on Top; Ioanna Profiri, Head of Equality office at IME/GSEVEE; Flora Yagou, Labor Relations Officer at Democratic Labour Federation of Cyprus (DEOK), and Pavlina Louki, VP of Marketing at Qualco Group, sharing views and experiences.

Organisations in the Technology sector should be leaders in inclusion and diversity. Talent has no gender.

Ms. Louki highlighted the pros and cons of digitalisation while suggesting actions toward diversity and women empowerment, especially in the Technology field.

Ioanna Profiri provided insightful facts on the representation of women in Greek entrepreneurship, alongside the SMBs’ digitalisation path during the pandemic. “Most small businesses were digitally unprepared throughout Covid-19. It’s worth mentioning that gender plays an important role in their digitalisation level”, Ms. Porfiri states.

Flora Yagou shared views on women adopting new digital technologies in Cyprus. In particular, Ms. Yagou mentioned that the pandemic forced women to adopt digital skills but still not equal to men. “Education is key in achieving diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in our society. Children may actually teach a lesson to grown-ups.”, she highlights.

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