Environment & Society

Sustainable development constitutes our strategic commitment, which is thoroughly reflected in our mission, with our activities and initiatives actively contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

How We Create Value

Our top priority is to manage our entire organisation based on the highest standards while creating value for our shareholders, people, society, and the environment.

Our strategy reflects in 4 focal areas:

With fairness and respect being our fundamental driving forces, we seek to transform credit into liquidity for the real economy by offering an impeccable combination of technology, data analytics, operations, and capital.

Responsibility toward the environment and focusing on saving natural resources are vital aspects of our approach. Aiming to strengthen our positive environmental impact, we implement high-standard practices, which entail the:

  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Recycling of materials
  • Paper reduction
  • Usage of eco-friendly products

We envision an era of a more resilient society where well-being plays a pivotal role in the crucial aspects of Health, Education, and Culture.

In this respect, we continuously support non-profit organisations and associations such as:

Human capital constitutes our core asset. We constantly provide talented people with career opportunities while carrying out extensive programmes to attract Greek professionals from abroad. Being an employer of choice lies at the heart of our mission while preserving a safe workplace, portrayed by inclusion, diversity, and equality that enables our people’s personal and professional growth.

Qualco Foundation

In the face of growing and ongoing interrelated crises, we believe that a society that embraces inclusion, diversity, and opportunity for everyone is a moral duty.

Resilience can only be achieved through inclusive projects and responses that effectively engage voices from all areas of a global community.

Qualco Foundation has joined the expanding global effort to accelerate the transition to environmental and social sustainability, fostering actions that harness new approaches to create shared value for the greater good, under the pillars of:

  • Innovation & Technology
  • Education & Social Welfare
  • Environmental Sustainability & Growth
  • Culture & Sports
  • Solidarity & Emergency Support
About Qualco Foundation

News & Updates

Stay updated by having a look at our latest news.

“Women in Tech: Breaking the glass ceiling”: An Experts Talk by ImpacTalk

Aiming to inspire young women and break the stereotypes in the male-dominated STEM sector, “Women in Tech: Breaking the glass ceiling”, our first Experts Talk in collaboration with ImpacTalk, is officially on air!

Qualco Group signed the Diversity Charter for Greek businesses

Committed to establishing a workplace of inclusion and equality free of discrimination, Qualco Group signed the Diversity Charter for Greek businesses. Founded in Greece in 2019, the Diversity Charter constitutes an initiative of the European Committee to promote diversity across Greek businesses. Led by KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities, the Charter aims to commit to the implementation of diversity and equal opportunities in the domestic working environment.

Episode #3 – “Going Digital: The Future of Work for Women”: A new podcast by Women on Top, supported by Qualco Group

The third episode is officially out, focusing on the new digital era and its impact on women’s professional lives. Stella Kasdagli, Co-founder of Women on Top; Ioanna Profiri, Head of Equality office at IME/GSEVEE; Flora Yagou, Labor Relations Officer at Democratic Labour Federation of Cyprus (DEOK), and Pavlina Louki, VP of Marketing at Qualco Group, sharing views and experiences.

Qualco Group received the Gold Award for its synergy with Demokritos NCSR at Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2022

Qualco Group was distinguished with the Gold Award for supporting the scientific community and developing the 5-year dynamic scholarship programme “NCSR D – Qualco Fellowship”, at Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2022, organised by Boussias Media.

26th Annual Economist Government Roundtable – The Financial Markets in a Changing World: A Global Viewpoint

Speaking at the 26th Annual Economist Government Roundtable, the President of Qualco Group, Orestis Tsakalotos, expressed his optimism that Greece could use the new crisis in the global economy as an opportunity for significant reforms.

Qualco Group was awarded for the Qualco Foundation initiative at Bravo Sustainability Dialogues & Awards 2022

Qualco Group was honored for making an impact that matters to society through Qualco Foundation at Bravo Sustainability Dialogues & Awards 2022, organised by the Non-Profit Authority, Quality Net Foundation.

Making this Summer practically Endless

It’s a fact that the pandemic has transformed everything we know so far in the labor sector. Nothing will ever be the same again, with many of us hesitating in the face of going back to normality and socialisation. Especially in the Technology sector, although traditionally more open to remote work, burnout has practically evolved into a health crisis.

S01 – Ep. 03: “Body empowerment at the office” episode – Well Played podcast series

How can we fit body empowerment into a demanding workday?
The third episode of our Well Played podcast series features Ellie Flenga, former CEO of Holmes Place Greece, who shares practical advice on how physical exercise can be embedded in a demanding workday.

Episode #2 – “How far are we from equality and inclusion in the workplace?”: New episode by Women on Topic & Qualco Group

Our second women empowerment podcast hosted by Women On Topic is officially on air; The new episode focuses on the crucial issues of diversity and discrimination in the workplace.

Going Zero Waste with Polygreen

Always envisioning a sustainable future, we remain committed to reducing our environmental footprint by focusing on saving natural resources.

Working at the office of the future

The radical changes caused by the pandemic have practically transformed our working reality. In this newly formed era, we can all work from anywhere and anytime, provided that the appropriate technological tools are at our disposal and the necessary infrastructure is in place.

Joining forces with the Hellenic Cancer Society to celebrate World No Tobacco Day

At Qualco Group, establishing a safe and healthy workplace while nurturing our employees’ quality of professional and personal life constitutes a focal point of our people-centric culture.

Qualco Group was honored in Health & Safety Awards 2022

With the well-being, health, and safety of our employees always at the forefront of its approach, Qualco Group was honored in the prestigious Health & Safety Awards 2022, organised by Boussias media group.

S01 – Ep. 02: “Burnout in … Mindfulness Terms”- Well Played podcast series

In the professional landscape being in flux and with burnout having evolved into a contemporary issue that concerns most of us, Qualco Group introduces ‘Burnout in … Mindfulness Terms’, the second episode of its Well Played podcast series.

Qualco Foundation empowers the Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum is a diverse place where cultures, eras, and places meet. Being constantly evolving, the Museum comes to modernise its technological infrastructure as part of its overall digital transformation, to meet the needs of its audience and make its lavish and unique content widely accessible.

Episode #1 – “All strong, all equal” podcast is officially on air by Women on Topic and Qualco Group

Looking to a new sustainable era, free of all kinds of discrimination and stereotypes, where gender equality will be appreciated as a self-evident human right, Qualco Group proudly introduces “All strong, all equal”, its first podcast episode as part of its synergy with Women On Top.

Well Played podcast series by Qualco Group: S01 – Ep. 01 – Exploring the ‘Art of Listening’

Realising that listening is the cornerstone of every fruitful communication and collaboration, Qualco Group proudly presents the “Art of Listening”, the first episode of its Well Played podcast series, highlighting how a simple skill comes of age as an actual form of art.

Qualco Group & Women on Top joining forces toward an equal society

Envisioning a bias-free era of solidarity, inclusion, and women’s empowerment, Qualco Group joins forces with Women on Top, an organisation that consistently supports gender equality across both the business world and education.

“Give blood, help save a life” at Qualco Group

Aiming to inspire its people to give back to the community, Qualco Group regularly conducts an array of initiatives, with blood donations lying among those of the greatest importance.

Adding a twist of wellness to people’s workday through an array of brand-new facilities

With work-life balance lying at the core of its people-centric culture, Qualco Group announces that the grand opening of its well-being facilities is just around the corner.

“Well Played” podcasts: A wellness professional guide by Qualco Group

Qualco Group proudly presents the Well Played podcast series, coming to redefine the way we perceive work in relation to our well-being. The podcasts will be available on the official Qualco Group channel on Spotify, Google & Apple Podcasts platforms while coming as a refreshing break, giving the audience useful and unconventional tips.

Celebrating International Mother’s Day with Attachment Parenting Hellas

Acknowledging that working mothers often face unintentional social and physical barriers that act as biases, Qualco Group celebrated International Mother’s Day, with an inspiring webinar, regarding ‘Maternal Bias and Biases Mothers Might Have’ to promote gender equality in the workplace.

Celebrating the World Day for Safety & Health at Work with a life-saving initiative

Acknowledging that health is our greatest wealth and gazing to a new era of solidarity, here at Qualco Group, we celebrated the World Day for Health and Safety at Work nominated on April 28, with a life-saving initiative.

The Qualco Foundation: Gazing to a new era of solidarity in the pursuit of social and environmental sustainability

At this critical juncture for our country and the world as a whole, Qualco Group establishes the Qualco Foundation to drive changes that lead to more resilient economies and societies, providing new opportunities for everyone.

Why Greece – The domestic institutional investor viewpoint | 23rd Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece, New York Forum

The 23rd Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece, supported by Qualco Group, was successfully held on April 11, offering a platform that updates US investors on developments in Greece, promoting business and investment opportunities while positioning Greece as an attractive investment destination.

On the Future of NPL’s Portfolios and REOs Deals | Delphi Economic Forum VII: New Realities

The Annual Meeting of Delphi Economic Forum VII: New Realities, held from April 6 to April 9 and sponsored by Qualco Group, is officially a wrap, leaving a captivated audience behind while having answered the most vexing questions.

Private Investments in Research: A Rapidly Evolving Landscape | Delphi Economic Forum VII: New Realities

Committed to supporting initiatives that aim to empower the real economy, Qualco Group is more than honored to have sponsored the Annual Meeting of Delphi Economic Forum VII: New Realities, held from April 6 to April 9, marking a much-longed return to the town of Delphi.

Greek Tech Innovation: Real Solutions for Real Problems | Delphi Economic Forum VII: New Realities

It was with unwavering interest to watch the panel discussion “Greek Tech Innovation: Real Solutions for Real Problems” that took place at Delphi Economic Forum VII on April 8.

Debt & Deleveraging: Economic Consequences and the Day After | Delphi Economic Forum VII: New Realities

The Annual Meeting of Delphi Economic Forum VII: New Realities, held from April 6 to April 9 and sponsored by Qualco Group, marked a much-longed return to the town of Delphi, under the auspices of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic.

Qualco Group: Gazing to an era of diversity | The Upfront Initiative

With the long-awaited Upfront Initiative being just around the corner, Panorea Karanikolopoulou Macdonald, Chief People Officer at Qualco Group, set the tone in view of an era of diversity and inclusion in a rather insightful interview at LiFO.

Delphi Economic Forum | Changing Global Dynamics – Greece Leading into a New Era

The Delphi Economic Forum conference with the main theme “Changing Global Dynamics – Greece Leading into a New Era” and supported by Qualco Group, was held on Tuesday, November 30th in a central hotel in Athens.

Women in top management positions: Gender inequality and challenges | The Upfront Initiative: Visibility in Practice

The Upfront Initiative: Visibility in Practice, powered by LiFO & Tsomokos Communications and supported by Qualco Group, was successfully held on Thursday, March 17, live at Onassis Stegi.

“Women in Tech: Breaking the glass ceiling”: An Experts Talk by ImpacTalk

Aiming to inspire young women and break the stereotypes in the male-dominated STEM sector, “Women in Tech: Breaking the glass ceiling”, our first Experts Talk in collaboration with ImpacTalk, is officially on air!

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