In the professional landscape being in flux and with burnout having evolved into a contemporary issue that concerns most of us, Qualco Group introduces ‘Burnout in … Mindfulness Terms’, the second episode of its Well Played podcast series.

Nowadays, we often come across several stories that revolve around professional burnout, with time-off tending to be considered a privilege. To this end, the second Well Played episode comes to scrutinise the ways to avoid burnout and deal with it efficiently at our own pace. Myrto Legaki, Founder of One Breath Mindfulness Center, shares the mindfulness method, valuable tips for stress management, and efficient tricks on how to improve our mood and health while expanding upon perfectionism as the ultimate trap. Finally, a meditation comes to complete this insightful guide, during which she invites us to listen to our emotions, thoughts, and body. Our professional reality is constantly changing, burdening our psychosynthesis day by day. However, it’s all a matter of perspective; adding a twist of mindfulness into our working routine definitely constitutes a necessity.

Tune in to listen to the ‘Burnout in … Mindfulness Terms’ podcast, available on Spotify, Google Apple Podcasts platforms.