“Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: Innovative solutions for modern needs” is what our 3rd episode by ImpacTalk focuses on. Our special guests, John Gikopoulos, Chief Innovation Officer, Head of AI & Analytics at Qualco Group; Valerio Matola, Composer & Founder of the Kallos Group, Co-founder of the GATE AI Project, Engagement Manager, and AI & Applied Intelligence at QUALCO; Alexandros Noussias, Collaborating Researcher, The AI Lab, define in simple terms what Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are.

Mr. Gikopoulos explains how Big Data and AI are connected and analyses the AI benefits. At the same time, he elaborates on the sciences involved in creating products and applications. Finally, he shares his thoughts on how the public sector can be the accelerator using AI to facilitate citizens’ needs. “We are already experiencing the consequences of this new era. Certainly, there is the fear of violation and control, but the positive impact prevails.”, Mr. Gikopoulos states.

Mr. Noussias agrees that by utilising AI, we can reach this point where we will achieve the best possible service for our modern needs; however, speaking of ethics, he emphasises the importance of synchronising machines with values to avoid social eliminations in the future.

With regards to the reluctance shown by businesses in the adoption of AI and technology, Mr. Matola expresses his concern; “Historically, when we face a technological development that acts as a game changer, there is always a sense of disbelief. However, evolution is inevitable.” he points out. At the same time, he highlights the impressive result of the cooperation of Science and the Arts while posing the reasonable question of the artists’ creativity. “Art can use AI as a tool.”, Mr. Matola states.

Finally, the million-dollar question comes up; How and who will define the value framework? Mr. Noussias argues that humanities scientists should set limits. Then, Mr. Matola states that humans decide what information they’ll share and what will be reflected in technology development. Finally, Mr. Gikopoulos states, “With the advent of AI, the determination of the rights and obligations of each member of the value chain differentiates.”

Tune in to the whole discussion.