Looking to a new sustainable era, free of all kinds of discrimination and stereotypes, where gender equality will be appreciated as a self-evident human right, Qualco Group proudly introduces its first podcast episode as part of its synergy with Women On Top.

The episode “All strong, all equal” of Women on Topic and powered by Qualco Group, inaugurates this rather creative joint venture, coming to redefine women’s psychosocial empowerment and clarify its vitality toward an equitable and more equal world.

“All strong, all equal” episode is available on Spotify, Google & Apple Podcasts and Black Lemon platforms, featuring a clinical therapist, an educator and a teenage girl, exchanging views and experiences regarding the actual meaning of psycho-social empowerment for teenagers and how it’s being associated with a fairer and more equal world.

An array of crucial questions is being put in place, such as “Do boys need empowerment”? (spoiler: of course, they do), “and if so, what can I do, if their families guide them otherwise?”. When it comes to girls, “What does equality mean for them?”, “What do they need to feel stronger?” “How can we all jointly support these girls alongside the educational community itself, in view of building a world of strong and equal individuals?”

Let’s pave the way toward a society of equality. It’s a rather challenging, but joint effort.

Tune in to listen to the ”All strong, all equal” podcast, available on Spotify, Google & Apple Podcasts platforms.